its me

its the energy of me its teh energy of me its me

its never anyone else and i know this i g
cna just choose to feel good to allow tog
to allow god and feel good and thasl

thats all i
its only ever me its only eve the
energy i bring i know tis me

its the eneryg i bring
its the eneryg i bring i am aware o

its me is it

its me its no one else
its no one else
its the enegy i bring it the enrgy o

i bring of having fun
and enoying i nkwo tis me it
the eneryg i bring i nkwot he enreyg i bring
is up to me

i get to feel good i get to ccelebrat the
day i get to ccelebrat life

i kwot hat its all the enegy

every aspect of life is the
energy of me
i love having fun
and enoy my work and doing a good d
i lovve feeling good aobut it and i lov that ig et to

i loe having a good attitude i love
that i get to allow it i love that i
i drive my lfie i love that id ece

decide li love i love that im
too powerful i love that i now i now that
i get to decid ho i feel right now i lov that
i get to havve fun and enjoy it

i get to decide and i get to drivve my life
i loe that i get to drivve my life

i l