its so easy to feel good when i make the coice to

when i amke the choice to know what i know
when i amke the choice to do the fitness to dot he
the thigns
that i know make a diferenc
they make a didfferent

its the same thing sa
as fitness have to keep it up have to keep looking within
have to keep remembering the one aond

andonly truth

tomorrow i intend to wake up feeling good to feel the
god feeling to live gods versoin behind the mind

to be the the big one to allow the big one
tomorrow i allow thebig own
tonight i allow the big one as i w
go to dsl
sleep i allowt he big on i allow the big one i alow
allow he big the gib

the g
bign one

i know is up to me how i lie
live my life how i god w

through life
what i lookf or wa
how i feel what im conscious of
i now its op
up to me hwat

what im conscious og

i’m consccious

of what ‘m conscious of what i’m conscious of what im conscious of

i love that i get to make the choice
how i live i get to lookat mysrl
fnad allow thel fie iw ant tl

t live to feel the feeling i get to feel

so grateful im love so grafuel i get to woek on my work
that i like my work and i get to work on it that
i get to feel enlivend by work by my work by my life

so grateful i like my life

that i get to loe my wit
wife i
that kwo
i knwo every single fight
has been pat
petty that its only me and i nkow that i can

i know that i am ware
i am aer i am aerena dn i

i knwo that i can live
the live iw atn to live that
tis alreayd here
that i get
tto feel ti now
now that i get to love now that i

get to appreciat now that i get to tune myself
now that i get ot focus nnow tha ti get
to feel the big hn
one here and now that
i can
to chosoe how i
fele how i go through life
ig et to choose
how i go through life

i get to choose how i i wakt up i get to choose
i get to choose how i look what at life
the versio i creat e today iget ot choose the
vesion i

i creat today i create today i l
i get to chooe i get to choose i get to choose

i get to choose i get to to tcho how i feel

the focus withint ehg ib one the felein atteiotn on atteinton
i get to chi
choose i get to feel the
feelig i wnat to feel right now i feel the
feeling iwa tnt of eel
right nwo

and it drivees life the feeling drivees life

the work works the work
works the work makes a difference the work works

becuse its fcosu within
on the proximity to go to the truth
to relief to knwoing to

celebrating life to loving life to knowing life

to feelign the feeling of no desire and no ture

of feeling excited obut life
trusting the magic now
knwoing the magic
to doing doing the work to be a match
to the matic
magic knowign that all of life is the magic getting to felethe

tfeel the magic

tapping into is
it is all h
there is and i want to live a life
life apped into it im
fed up tiwth the

the other and i now n
i know that s not me that’s not how i want

want to live thats not how
i want to live my li ve

i want to live empowered i v
want ti lto live sweetly and kindly

i wawnt to get along and love i want to love and feel loved
i love
iw ant to be loving i want to feel loving

i am the cou
source of the feeling i m the cou
source i am

the big one the
big one is beofre feeling

its feels good to feel good to chooes
feeling good to make it aj

priority to remember who i am
to tune into nd pr

protect my own enegy
energy to do tme to stand up to
for me
to do the thing is
i need to do to feel good

to make sure i feel good to mak
to tkae the steps to do the tings i nkow

to be awrae of who am an d
decide to feel how iw atnt o feel to practicce feeling
and knowi


all there is that all there is is on
consciousness and i get to play with it

the relief of turst the relief of feeling
the love gof god the

relief of accepting the relief of accepting the

of making the choice to do the
this work to do the only work that

matters the only work that mattesr the relae work the

release work and that’ all ther is i feel it now if eel the
i feel the reaaesl

i ceelbrate the release
the awareness

the release the feeling of love
that fee

the feeling of love the feeling of loe a
and capp

appreciatoin and ceelbate

the feelingno f t
god the feeling of god
the feeling of appreciatoin now
feeling of expandsion