its so fun to build my power

i love that i get to build my power i love
the better it gets i love that today feels good
today feels focused today ffeels
like i can focus today

feels like i am aware i know that ia m lerning
im so grateful for all that ive learned
dont react without all the knowledge

dont blow up for no reason

and waste my power waste my energy
wahen it wont change the problem ena
youll just ruin your day and
it wont change a thing besides now youve blown up again

i love building my power i love
focusing on knowing only

the feeling of knowing
is all here is and
there is and its all anyone ever seeks
the feeling of knowing

i love building my power
its so fun to build my poer
to know my power to use my poer
all there is in life is knowing the
power of me i li love that i know

i have found the secret to life and can relax in the knowledge
that the cti
activity of divine abundance
is eternally operating in my life

is fn to build my power to put
alll of m power back on its sourcce thus builind
ti it up and up knowig it s more and more knowing
my power more and more

choosing the knwoing more and more knowing the knowign
knowing not to lookat it knowing all ican
ever do

is not thik about it
all i can ever do is

leave it alone