just choose to say conscious

and be grateful for the opportunity
for the work for the chance to be set free
into the bath of consciousness

thank you fo this
for this feeling for the feeling of connection
for the connection to life t
for the connection to self to god to love

i get to choose the feeling this
feeling this omment

expand into this moment expand into this moment
and when i do

always feel god
drift across my skin

fully expanding into this
moment fully

fully expansive fully expanded



fully the self fully the self
fully in love with the self
the self

the self fully in love


fully in the oment

fully knowing its only ever me its only
ever me so grateful to remember the power of me
then remember the ersion i want to liv
i remember the version i want to live
i embrace this moemnt i

embrace this
moment i embrace fully i

expand to fill thismoment
and thne

i dont’ have escape it

i expand to fill this moment

i dont have to escape it

and consantly
instantly and constantly

instantly and constantly

i love that there’s more than enough i love that i know
i love that i get to


celebrate it i love that i
get to celebrate life i love
that i get to

feel the attunement of live
i love that i get to feel it
get to feel the

feeling et to feel
the feeling

get to feel the god self get to say

thank yu get to

to say thank you
geto to become it

then see it i love that
i get to act out
the version i am the version i prefer
the feeling i prefeer
i love that i get to choose it

get to choose teh v

the vibration get to choose love get
to choose a good atitude

get to tune myself to vibration
that i even know this is a thing
is lucky

so grateul i know the power of me
so grateful i know

the power of me so grateful i know

the power of me