letting it unfold

is all i can do trust the flow is all i can
that is waht i want to enoy
enjoy this here and now and not care about the future

all i can do is relax into this here and now all i can do
is focus is
in this here and now all i can do is focus
on god and let that god i

i can let ti
go compltely if i dont know what i ca
want i can
allow it to

i dont have to think about it i never havve tot hink about it i can just jump in and trust

i trust life i trust the unfolding of life i trust the
unfolding of life
i trust
the unfolding
of life i trust everthing that happens i knwo

i know tis a mirror i jump ito the mirror i say yes to the mirror
i say yes to the dam
game to the t
challenge of the design

i know that when i feel it i comes
and all i have to do a

all i have to do is feel it and know wht i waant
waht do
what do i want want

what do i want i want to feel free i want t
to feel free i want to flit from
good experience to good expereicne
i want to love envery
everythong i

everyone i want to be cool with everyone i want to allow
my god self to flow iwant

i know its me holding on to feelin
a feeling i dont prefer and i can just
let the
that feeling go i knwo nothing outside of me

i can just release that feeling
i prefer to feel good about life

i prefer to nejoy
enjoy my life
i prefer to enjoy my life
i prefer to now the powerthe better

i get to love my life right now
i get to

love m;y life firht
rright nwo i knwo that part doesn’t matter
i can take ca break from that

i can ake a break from that i dont even want thatn

im so grateful im
so grateufl for the lessons learned
for howa far ive come

im so gatefulf r how far ive come
how much i knwo mabout myself

i dont need anything fromanytong
i love
feeling my own source i love feeling the magic
of my own source i love
is in my favor i loe that i dont have to resist
tht i can just say yes
to lf

life knkowing that life is flowing
is flowign i knowing that life is flowing how iwa nt it to

life knwos the solution i knwt hat life
knows the solution i know that life unfolds perfeclty i
i nwot hat god is on the case i nkwo that i don
have tod cue
i dont

to dl
look toward teh futre
i lkm

im lookking withi i look within i lookk within

i look within i am aware i am awre of the soruce
sourcce of life i am are
aware of the source of life am awrae
of the source of life

i knwo that life knwos whats best for mwe i knwo that life is flowing pefectly
i love that

i kow
ill never figure it out i can just say
thank you ffor the good ties thanks you for the good

i’m letting that go today i’m realseing everyting i’m re
realsing rev
eeveyrhting im’ m realisghi all thoguth all
restnemt all holding osmething
all nedd
ign something
awaysere nof asomeone selse outside of me
i relse all awreness of someone else insid
outside of me and fine the wholeness within i find he wholenees wtihe
awitna know th that life reflexts ti i find the wholnes

within i kno tis reight ere i knwot ist ehrg
right here i knwo tis eright here i nkwo i can trust slif
ei knw i can life
live the soliting oi knot i know its not in my min i mind i knowt hat i can can focus on the rosuece of my atention i know that ic an
alwyd do me

and choose how i feel

i dont need a solution and i know its not in mthe mind
everyt ime i start ot

resent someone else
tis a reminder to come back to center to
realse aawernes of that and
take resposndiblity for my own life i love that
i get to enjoy my li own life i love that i get ot
do what i want i love tha ti dont need more peoapl in my lfie
telling my
waht tod di love
hwo mcuh ive learnd ei love how far ive come
i love focusing on my work i loe that
i nkwo my work sis whta feels good
i l
i knwo

i know what i want i
and its to enjoy my life whre ive i
i go
to do what i want whenever i want and i love that
i get ti lov thats
i dot

dont hve to ansesr to anyone i love that i
dont havee to anser to anyone i love
feeling free i lvoe that im
free i lvoe that i ge tto
chose me
i love feelign conficned in who i am
i love feeling free i ove

no one owes me anything
i dont need anyting from
the external is never it

i could never get anything from anyone
i know that is

resolving its self

i knwo that is resolving itsslef and i can just
focus on feeling good now i can relese the rest and just focuso n
feeling good now

i nkow tthat life is unfoling perrfecltyi
i know that life is perfect and i sy thank yo
for the
the god in everything i know that god is
in eveyrthing i know that i can
just feel god and then allow life to unfold