nothing else matters

the thinking never gets you
there the thinking never gets me there
the thinking will never
find a solution
thinking will never get there

a disease

and the feeling is all there is
the feeling is all there is and that
feeling is the feeling of connectedness with
the truth of life which is that energy
flows according to
expectation and that’s the
true ‘science’ of life

and that is all we stand to learn here


is that it’s all me it’s
all acting accoriding to me
and i get to create it
how i want it

i love that i ge tto

create it

how i want it i love that i
get to choose if i want to stress and worry

or know

i know that i can always choose knowing
and i am brave enough to choose now

knowing becuse

because what other option is there?


and that doesn’t create with precision
it creates with mud

doubt creates with mud
knowing creates with precision

and i love coming here to pratice

practice the feeling and
feeling that it is getting
easier to tune

the instrument that is me

i love feeling elevated i love
feeling that it’s easier to
remember the truth i love
digging and doing the work

i came here to do

i love believing in myself i love
that i can turn my attention toward something
else i love that i know i am
in charge of my attentoin and

and i love remembering that i love
better it gets tthe

better it gets and i love that it’s
my choice what i ook for
lookf or

for and i don’t have to be
afraid of being optimistic

i know it’s the
only real truth in life

what you

you get