renounce my humanhood

i believed money was my supply but
i nkow it i now

i know it is not
i know my connectiont o soure

to source is my supply
my magick is my supply

today i

i love that i get to relax into the day

seize the day!!

seize the moment
realx in

relax into the moment and i know

today i feel good today i feel
calmly blissful

and centered

knowing that i don’t have to change
anything or make anything happen

or do anything really

i relax into the here and now
knowing that

anxiety is just fear of the unknown

i constant fear of the unknown
and when i zoom out and observe i
remember that i have nothing to be afraid of

only to celebrate

becuase i’m taken care of
in everything i need i am taken care of

i have energ

everything i need and i’ so

i’m so grateful i get to relax into the kknow


i never have to make anything happen
force it

or even it forece it in my mind

today i feel good today i feel at ease in my life
i let go of

let go of forcing or thinking i need to
do anything
or get anything done

i am aware of the thougth patterns
and i am able to replacw them

with the truth i love
that today is about truth

the truth of who iam
and i know that is

i love that it always comes
i love that ‘m so

i’m so lucky!!!

i love that life loves me and always takes
care of me and i know that

my course

source and my bupp

supply is not money
it is my connection to god
and as long as i focus
on feeling the way god would feel

then i am my god self

when i embody my god self
i am god

today i let go today i massage
the vibration toward love

love for myself and
the amazing life
i created for myself
i love that

today i get to relax intothe
into the god self
and feel the feeling of knowing

knowing i am aawys

always doing my best and a

as long as i act with
love i will be doing the right thing

it feels so good to relax into loving this
here and now


everything is a

reflection of me

an indicator of me

it feels good to relax into the knowledge
to love to know i never have to c hai

achieve anything and that life
is achieving itself

for me i love that i know this
and get to calmly and blissfully

live this truth

today i live the truth

i let go of ever trying to make
anything happen

today i completely let go
and acknowledge

source as my only supply
i know this i know god is my only supply
and i love that i know this
i love

that i can relax completely
knowig that life

life is on my side i love
that i get to enjoy life
right now tat

that i get to calmly

jump ito life

into life i ilove that i
fel good
feel good i love that

today is agood day
and i am allowing life
to flow fullly through me

i am tired of cutting it off

my breath


why do i do it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

letting it go

i’ve been holding on to it
but now i’m letting it go
and i know i can

do it

i can let it go

i’ve been holding on to something
for years

what is??

a drive
to control


to obtain
and more and more
and more


today i let go and i allow
ease and know that
i can practice it

i can always practice right now
letting go and believe in myself

i believe in myself i believe in my god
self i belive that i can relax into my bod s

god self
that i can find my god self
and relax into here

from needing to get too much from the day??

from needing every day to be manic???

from caring

today i just enjoy
today my job is to just enjoy
and feel the freedom

of enjoymment

it feels good to feel good to know
everything is an indicator
and tomake t

to make the choice tofo

to focus within

knowing all i can ever do is


that’s all i can ver

ever do that is thea

the answer

just enjoy the day
just feel good no
matter what and then it won’t matter what happens

and i think i need something outside of me

but i don’t

and i can let that
go too


i can let go of the attachment

and not care

i foucs

i focus within i feel for the feeling of
god for the feeling of releif and

relief and know this is all ther

there is

i’m tired
of feeling wound up

of feeling tihgt

i want to feel loose
i want to enjoy
i want life to flow freely through me

i want to not care
not hold onto things

not hold my breath

i want to release my breath

today i relaease my breath

my stranglehold on life
trying to make it what i want it to be

instead of just allowing it to be
what it is

i allow to be everything it is today
and celebrate the knowledge that i have
everything i need

i already have

everything i need

today everything is easy
when it is done with ease

certainty is easy
flow is easy

and there’s absolutely nothing
i ‘need’

to accomplish

i can feel the god self takig hold
i can feel

i know i know everything is a reflection of a feeling
and it feels good to be aware

to watch things unfold
and know that i can
never get wrapped up in them

or else i will feel


and today i’m loose

i’m allowing anything
to happen
and i get out of the way

i trust everrything
that happens and i get out of the way

it feels good to feel good
to do the work t
o feel good

feel at ease and celebrate this day!