so grateful to know that the other side
of the wave is always just up at the top of the
hill that there’s always the other side

and you have to climb the hill to sled down it
so does that make the climbing any less an
aspect of a very enjoyable sport
and sledding is fun

and climbing the hill is part of sledding
without the climb there is now going down
and never during sledding am i like


i have to climb this hill to do that
again …

that sounds hard,
i should just kill myself instead
because climbing that hill is too hard
and i shouldn’t have to climb the hill

i should just be back at the top
so rather than just get to climbing

i’m going to sit at the bottom and whine
about it instead
and in the time i am whining about it
i could have been walking up the hill

which is really not that

and it builds up
the release

it’s fun it’s just as fun
as the sledding down in a way because
it is a part of the sport

so inherently

it is fun because the whole thing
is fun so every aspect of it

becomes fun

just accepted as part of it

neither good nor bad really

just part of it