taking my power back

ill never din
find it that way im
ill never feel it that way ill
never feel it looingf or it that way

trying to force
ill never feel the feeling by caring what happens
ill never feelig nt
feel the
feeling by caring what happens i nkwo
my one aodn and only source
i now my po

one and only source i
and its always right here and now one can touch it

i love it when we have fun
i love being in love i love nejoying
enjoying each oher i ilove

enjoying each other i get to choose im
not afraid

i am brave enought o choose the feeling
i am brave enough to choose my soruce

its me its me its never outsdie of me
im seeing me all
aroudn its what i lookf or itts what

what i lookf or i knwo tis only
ever me and i can always make the choice right here and now

i dont need anyting i

dont need anytihgfrom anyone

i dont need anythig
from anyone
i dot

dont need anything fro man

from anyone