thank u

here and now
and i’m not doing anything
or practicing anything
or getting better at anything

or doing anything to change
who i am

i don’t have to change anything
this week i take a break
from needing to change a
single thing

i accept every single thing about my
self and my life
as it is i accept every single thing
about my life and my self as it is

i’m nothing
i’m everything
and i’m certainly

not what i spend most of my time
thinking i am
i’m ce

i’m more than that
i’m less than that i’m none of that
i’m none of anything
detached from everything
but then what is the point
there isn’t one

just keep typing and allowing the
worlds to flow
don’t try

don’t try ton
don’t put forth effort


stop trying to climb ladders
stop trying to have more
fantasizing about the next and
the better and the best

stop saying
‘some day’
or one day
just say

thank you
thank you
thank you

and get out of the way practice loving and letting o
go and do it for me

how do i want to feel
how do i really feel

thank you for all the orders we
thank you

so grateful for all the good
in my life all the joy in my life

for a nice phone
so grateful for all that
is good in my life
for the flow

flowing through me so
grateful for
everything that is
so grateful for everything that is
so grateful for
everything that is

the more i don’t need
a single thing to chnage
the more i feel centered in the here and now
i odn’t dnee

need anything to change i am totally at peace

zoomed out zoomed out
knowing knoiwng knowing

wo and hwat i am who am what i am

what am i here doing
being what am i here being
doing what doing being

what am i

nothing no one no thing
i am no thing i am no
thing no thing
not thin
no thing

i am free from thing i am

i am

i am free
i am free

i am
i am
i am
i am

that is all i am
i accept it i dont understand it
but i accept it

i accept that i am i am
and i accept that i knowledge

i understand that iam
and that is all i need to understand



is to watch and and enjoy
to feel good and i have tools i can use to tap
into the feeling of feeling good
and that is what i am here


i am here tapping into the magick
feeling of life that

flows infinitely
just beneath the knots of
resistance on the
surface of our


grateful to relax for relaxings
feel the ease and flow lof
of life for the sake
of feeling


and flow

i’m here just trying to drive
this soo


not looking to make any stops
no desitination
just drive

or ride rather i’
i’m just along for e

the ride i’m just along for the
i’m just along

i’m’ a
just a long
for the ride

there’s no pint
no reason
it just is and there’s never
a reason to strive
or care what others might think

thank you thank you thank you

just drop out and see life for what i

it is
a reid
a ride a simulation

it’s just a simulation

it’s just a simulation

just relax into the
now the pureness of the life

the truth
relaz into the turht

relax into the truth

let go of all else

thank you thank you thank
you connected to thank you
and i ton’

don’t need anty
i dont need ant

anyting i dont
need anyting
i dont need an

or anyone

allowing healing allowing
what is

allowing the trueness of
life to get out of the eawy
the way and to feel free
from striving