thank you

so much to be grateful for
and i now i’m a

i know i’m always getting what i want
and i should just say thank you
i now tis
i wanted this iwa tned
i wanted this

so i say thank you and trust
the flow of life i trust thef
the flow of life i trust
tehf low
the flow of life

i know i can always do the work i can
always be aware of the thought

i can always be aware

of the toughts patterns

i know i’ve been thinking my value
is how much money i can make
and i nkow that’

that’s not treu
i know my value is in my connection
to soure ad

and i know that i can gring


allow attract

create so
much more than just money

with my connection to source
i love that i know his

i now this
i know this i look for what i want to
see and i see it i look for what i want
to see and

i see it i just have to take the time
make the time


ask to decide what ii wnat
what i want
what do i want what i do

do i want i want
our work to pay for our lives

so do that and give everything do it

to it

act as if i love that i can do that
i love that i can do that
act as if

just create my work and trust
create my work and trust

my work is connecting to the
god within

i’ve been thinking i don’t
have any value and that
my value is inho

how much money i bring
but it isn’t

and i know itve

ive also been blaco

blocking it because i dont’
know how i want it to come
and ive been feeling

just loserish that
im not bringin in income

which i am!
i do have certaint things
things that bring it in
and i’m open to more
and i know that this

work will always help me turn
it around to choose the version i prefer

what DO i want?

what DO i want???
i want to have income i want to b
e able to pay my pills
i want work

i would take work lol
but i want our work to pay it

i want subs to pay it
booksales to pay it

passive income to pya it
our art to pay it
my drawings to pay it
my upcycled garments to pay it

god to pay it becuase life
owes me a living
and i know that i can truts

its hard to sdec

decide if im trusting or i’m no


not facing things
letting the same shit as last time
happen again

when didn’t turn out bad

it acutally

actullay turned outp erfect
perfect i just d

want to pay my rent
i want to

i do wnat to i want to hve income
i wnat to be a mach to mo

to money to pay the bills for

or for the billst o be to be paid

so grateful it already is
so grateful
there’s more than enough so grateful ther’s

always more than enough i love that
i ove wher i love i love
where i am right now
i know

i know that iam god i kow that

my inner supply
and constantly
takes on form and expeirence

according to my needss and

i know that god

i get to choose i getot

tp choo
to choose then just choose just
and then that
is what shows up i know this
i know this
i know this

this i get to chooe it

so grateful to choose
ease and flow and love of self
so grateful to feel good
to love msyelf

myself so gatefu
grateful to love myself
to feel good
in who i am
so grateful to feel good
in who i am

so graetful to do this
work this work


this work to connect to the truth
to remembe the t

remember the truth

what do i want??

then choose it!!

then choose it choose the god self
andk now the
and now the
and know ther est f

the rest follows

know the restr fo

follows know ther eset
the rest follows just know just
know just choose

i am attracting money in the way s

that are satisfying
and easy

i am attracting money
from every angle and i know tis
a thought

process a

i know money is not my supply
no person place or condition is my supply

i know that its

its helping me find my true
value to know the god within to know the
within to know the source withi

the contrast forces me to find
the source within to find the love
within to find the knowing th

the alignemtn within

that’s all ic an c

can do is trust the alignment
and trust what comes all
i can do is

align and trust what comes

its a frequency its a frequency
i know whatever comes my way
is in my favor i know that

that i can be grateful no matter what
i all ow s

i allow success i know that there all

all types of ways for it to come
i love that i get to choose

just like the green beans
i chose that i chose that
and then there


exactly as i had chosen it
and i know that
every choice in life
is just that easy
i know

i can always choose
the feeling i prefer and then life
will reflect that i love that

ti sjust aht easy.

god is lavish
unfailing abundance
the rich omnipresent
substance of the universe

this all providing source
of infinite prosperity

is individualized as

the reality of me.