thank you

thank you so much for this day!

for good food!
for good company!
for fun photo shoots for strong classes
for quiet

thank you for this heat thank you
for summer thank you for this beautiful day
this beautiful night

the knowledge to come here to center to tune myself
up to remember what its like to be tuned to remember what is like
to do the work to be tuned

to tune first and then do the reast and
rest and i love that i get to do this and
i’m training my fucus remembering how to focus
on what is wanted and i love doing this work
becoming aware of the thoughts
i love that i get to choose to focus on

what is wanted

grateful to get to do this work
to know its only this work the tuning work
to remember what the tuning work feels like

to do the tuning work first
to remember this is it the feeling work si

is all there is and from here
from the point of peace
and center

then all things are possible
i love that i know this and i can always
tune into this i can alwys turn toward this feeling

feel for this feeling know this feeling
allow this feeling to flow through me

so grateful for everything going right!!