thank you for this day

for this good day for ths ab

beautiful day

so gratefl to get to help
so grateful to feel loved and appreciated so
gratetufl t

to feel good to feel so much love so
grateful for my wife
for my life for the life i chose so grateful
i get
to choose love
in ever situation
i get to chooset o l

to line it up
it up i get to choose the feeling and know that life always follows the feeling

i get to choose to be kind
i gte to choose the
right path

keeping score i get to choose not
keeping score and i knoww that is
that is the feeling i get e

to chooset olove to choose love i get to

i feel good i feel good i feel go

food i

feel good i feel the power of me i nkow the power of me
i know i can always return to thep ower
of me return to love i knwo i can alawys return to the power of love

so gratful for orders
for checks in the mail
for my food made for me fr my blunts folled

roled for me

i’m here tuning i’m
here feeling the feeling

my awareness
and knowledge of the all prividing
activity of the divine mind within me is my suppy

my consciousness of this truth is unlmited


my supply is unlimited