the best way i can seize the day is to practice not doing

and just enjoying
just savoring the moment
it feels good to practice

savoring the moment savoring
saying yes to everything that is
and knowing that everything
unfolds in perfect timing
without my interference

just feeling just feeling
is the best work i can ever do

feel how i feel and

notice how it feels

to feel good and cultivate that feeling within me
knowing this is the only feeling and knowing that
everything comes at the right time

knowing that everything unfolds
in the right time
and doing the work
to take care of myself right now

take care of how i feel

is all i can do

i feel good

so i know i’m doing the
best and most i can right now

the best and most i can
ever do is savor the here and now
enjoy the here and now
love the here and now

say thank you in this here and now
love in this
right now this right now

this right now


grateful for everything
that is in this right now
grateful to raise my vibration
to tune into love to kn

tune into knowing
to tune into the god self
and celebrate knowing i get to choose

grateful for a creative day
a day to come back to center a day
to remember who i am
to remember that i can always choose love and
that i can always hoos
choose myself in the moment i trust the flow i trust
what life tells me to do
i trust my gut i

trust the feeling of
trust the feeling
of life trust the feeling
of life the
creative flow flowing
through me the flo

love flowing through meit feel
feels good to come back to self