the feeling of me the feeling of god

i know the feeling of god i know that i am god
and i celebrate it i know that the particles are

me i nkow that the particles are me and that
life can’t not
relfect the feeling i know that life
ahs to reflect the feeling
and im

so gratefl that i get to come here and nchoose that
choose to flip the swithc to

choose to be aware of how i feel choose to know
that everything is in my favor choose to

trut the b

magickal unfolding of life

i love breaking through i love this work
i love

the feeling of this work and that i can always return
to center to feel
the feeling of knowing to the feeling of knowing
that i am god

i am the one and only crator

creator of me i am the one and only creator
of me and i get to choose how i feel here and now i

get to choose love here and now i choose love
here ad now i send the signal of love her ea dnow


now becausee i am one who loves

i love that fe
the feeling and i kow that that life freflect s


i knwo that first comes god
then the rest i love doing this work and knowing
i love feling good i love feeling good

because i am at center i love feeling the god feeling

trusting life


trusting the choice
truting the ower of me and that’s all i can

that’s all i can od
do is feel the feeling no matter what happens
knowing that life

is celebrating me
im looking for reaons to celebrate life
and life is celebrating me

i get to choose love i get to give love i get to
feel love becuase i am love

i get to have god day
nowing im god i get to have a god day
knwoing im god feeling good

choosing the feeling first
and i kno wthat i cna

i always can i can alays

choose to ccelebrate the day
to have a good day to feel loe
love to love and be loved i lovethat

i get to i love tha ig et to feel good
feel the feelign first
choose the freleing

feeling first choose the feeling first
i get to choose love first

i feel the magick of life if eel the knowing
of life

and i know that im the boss i m

i am the one and only creator of how i feel
and i love that i get to live this life that i
get to learn the god

sef that i know life that i now life reflects me
and i dont have to care what happens


i look for a way to feel good about
everything i am on the contstant lookout for ways
to feel good
and i just keep feeling b

better and better aout life!!

so grateful for contrast
for allo flif
out income that our money is
tigt that we never have to wonderr or worry i love that
i know

i know i know life loves me i know
that life reflects me i kno

i know for sure
that i amm the creator and life
can only reflect me

i feel the feeling and thas’
all there is the feeling of knwoing the feeling of god

the feeling of magick and i love that
i get ot feel it that i am brave eough to feel the feelnig
of god

that i am brave enough to feel the ccertainty of god
that i get to have fun and celebrate this day
that i get to feel good
that i get to celebrate life
that i get to love life

that i am bravve enough to love llife

i get

i feel good i feel good if eel god

i feel god i trut the feeling i know that
nothing else is real
the only thing that is real is the feeling
and i

i don’t nneed
anything outsidde of me
i alwayr

already have the feeling i seek
i trust life i turst the unfolding of life
and i love that im learning i love the

better it gets i love that i know nothing
went wront

nothing changed i know nothing changed i know the
feeling is still ehre that i et to ccelebrate it

i kno the feeling is still here
i trust life i trust whatever happens i say

thanks god foreverthing
and im so grateufl to life for helping me leran

the poweer of me

i am allowing well being

i feel the feeling i feel the feeling isnide me
the knowing iside

inside me the turth inside me
remembering that tis me

its all me its alll me
its never not me and i get to th

that felin feeling hi have that feeling now
i have the god feelign now i haee the

the god feeling now and i dont need anyting
outside of me to provvdie it i have ti now

becuaasee i onw lie is good

i actually keep my mind and thoughts off this wrold

and place my entire focus
on the god within as the only cause of my prosperity