the flow

it feels good to
tune in tap in turn on

to remember that the body is
a genius and it is
always telling me things
it feels good to be aware
of the energy to sink
into the energy it feels good
to sink into the
energy to allow it to flow

through my body and know
that all that matters in life is
feeling this feeling of relaxation


connection with life
it feels good to know that it’s
my choice what i think
about and what i feel it feels good to
make the choice to align with
what i want and know that it
always comes

thanks god

for helping ask

for helping me align
with the feeling of love
inside of me the feeling of
knowing that god

is always on the case

the feeling of connection
the feeling of
remembering to create the
version i want it feels good to
be aware of the flow

the radiation of
creative energy which is continuously


and effortlessly
pouring forth from
my divine consciousness

i am now ware

aware i am
now in the flow i love
feeling the feeling i love
taking the big leap
to enjoy life i love that i

get to do it for me i love that
i feel good about me i love that iknow

i amin the

the right place at the right time