the focus

and the choice the cchoice
ti will never be outside of me it iwll never

be here it iwll never be here

its never here it
it her
its never goingt o be her o
its always me its away s
always me its only ever me

its only ever me
its el
only ever me

its me its me its me its me

its me its me its me its me it s me
its me its me its me

its me its me its me its me

its only ever me take the opweer
the power power back the

ego continues tor ise but it means nothing
the ego en
continues to rise and but it means nothing
and the sooner i can tunr
the attentoin back to what i truly am
the soone ri will feel better and that’s all it is

im not a vicimt of my thoughts of my experienst

just go right back to it
and tah’st he r

the real work the real taleksn
talent ai
and the real poweer and i now

its mup
up to me to feel the feeling iw ant to feel now
just feel toward it
just feel towrad

towrad it j

feel toward it feel it look it

look at the true tue
self look at the true sel

face it face it face it
face the no ofve

face face to no face

the sooner i let it go and stop analying the better

i feel i am brave enough to feel good tn
now to feel god no oi am
i am bar

enough to trn
tunr my attention my focus
on the gow
god within
on the mo

no mind on the pal
place behine the gm
midn i know this is all there is i knwo thie
htsi is all ther ei

there is and this is all i can do this

is all ica nd o all i can do
is be the big one and relase the reaset
remembe rthe rst doenst care


decidd to be love to decide to be love

let it all go be the gi

big one put attention within
on the true self on the true self

the true self

the true l

i put

my entire focus on the god wihitn
i make the choice for me

because of how i want to live my life
i awnt to live

to live magically and in love i now
i know thsi l
i know thisi nkow

i know how i want to feel and i can just
feel for that feel for the bliss underneath

everything else i get ti i get to feel g
good and i dont have to ownder
if i am good enough in someone selse

elses eyse because its all me
and i get to feel empowered byt hat
its all me

its all me and how i feel its all me

i know i know the truth the one and only
truht i now the one an donly truth
and its that i ge tot make the choice

i get to make the hcoic ehow
how i feel and the est

best way to feel is the fee

my focus is on the experience
of experiencing
and im so grateul i now thait

that this i

the in and the out are needed and i bless the
out that makes the inand i
and i say yes to to te flow the flow

flowing thorugh me the flow flowing through me

i turn attention within
i turne focus on

within o the god with in a
on the space within on the feeling that esixts
before everything

before the mind
the one an donly truth

w i wno tis only ever the mind
i know tat

all that is is a

i am

i kno my name is i am

and i am brave enough to simplby be i am

i dont hned
need that i loe ht ati no
i love that i get to feel good now i g
get to feel gods sneryg i say eys to fogd senryg i say eys

to geods

i love that i get to say yes thank yo
i don thave to make it something

i get to say yes thank you i get to let
ti all god

i get to tlet it all god

i get to stsand up t mlly thougths refuse to surefffer

but re syou sure there isnt something

refuse refuse t
and tha’t all ther is because none of its

is real i can really put all of my attention
on the world within and know thats all there is

and ths i

then its resolvef
i am brave enough to put all of my
focus on the inner world

the ego rises

i turn m attention within

ip t

put all of my attetnoin on the world behind thought
on who i reallly am on the feeling
of god on the way god feels how does god feel how does god feel i get to feel that way too!!

god is so happy and laughing god is so ahppy and laughing i can to
i cn do iat

god laughs becaue i dont know how
good life really is by now i do i let the reat go
ad put all of my attention on

i really am on who i m

eally am on the proximity to god on the feeling god feels

god says i love you i lov eyou
you’re doing your best and youre living the best life i could hope
for for you

im on your side im there for you im right here within
you always and i love youi i i love you i love you

dearly and deeply and more than enything
anything you are loved and you are valued

i am brave enough to put my entire focus
on the god swith sin

within the god self within and i refuse to suffer