the focus brings relaxtion

without the resistant thoughts
the body can heal feel relaxed and i’m realizing more and
more that
it’s just the thoughts or
the attachment to the thoughts

believing the thoughts
that causes dis


it feels good to make the choice to feel
good lean into the flow and choos ehow i want
to feel it feels good to choose

to feel at ease and to count
because counting signifies
trust in the universe
and knowing that i’ts

it’s ok to let go of thougths
it feels good to practice
letting go of thougths

because it feels good and allo

all that matters is that i love
that i have perspective to see to see that
it’s all

focusing here to let it
all go to elevate my mid
and heart into the vortex
into the vortex and that’s

all that matters
si being
is being able to see myself
as well is

getting used to
a new perspective i love

feeling confident about lief
i love
feeling the magick of life
i love knowing the
magick of life an

love and choosing to love
myself i o
i love being aware of the thoughts
that take me out of the vortex
and it’s like the thoughts come
as a resutl
of a feeling and then i follow the thoughts i love

i lvet t

let them take me all around
and i don’ thave to and doing thiw wo

this work ehlps

helps me stand up
to thim
and not be running around in my
head all day

to come to center and remember that
i don’t have to think a bunch of thoughts all


i want it i want it i l

want to allow my best self
i need

i want to allow my bst
best self i am allowing myself to thri

thrive in this life
it feels good to thrive in this
life to feel good about me
it feels good to lov eme

it feels good to love

to celebrate me to love me that
is what i am working on

i love myself and it massages
the blockage awaer and
away and i kno t

that’s all i can ever do
is love myself and i am here to practice that
little by little
it’s getting easeir


i love myself i love myself
i love myself i love

kelly cree i love you
i love kelly cree

i love and approve of myself
it feels good to practice loving
myself and rememberig
this is all i can do it feel goo

feels good to get in the vortex and
then to allow the neregy


enrgy to flow to get out
of the way and watch it

today i am
allowing myself to
see a


version of myself

i am allowing healing i am
allowing myself to feel healed
i am allowing healing
i am learning to let go
of the grudge i am

of teh gra

the grudge i’m letting it
go i decided to let it go
to love it away o

to bhoo
choose a different vibration and little
by little i can practice myself into it
and it fee

it’s not about trying
its’ about allowing its about deice

deciding andl ooking
for evidence

its abut
bout cleaning up the


it’s about cleaning up the energy
linein lining up the energy it feels good to line p

the energy and rmem

remember who ia m it feels good
to love me to celebrate

me in ths r
this right now to remember how not to feel bad
to remember the god self the
focused self

free from resistant thoughts
and the more i let go of thoughts

the more

powerful i am
the more i am alloiwng to
come to me

it feels good to be brave enough to
get out of the way to let go of everything
to know

is my power and to be able to transmute
the energy is my power

it feels good to

do this work and know

i am already here it feels good to feel
connected to remember that god is my source
and feel relaxed in knowig that
it feels good to remember that i
get to feel good no matter waht it

i’m doing the magick work
i’;m dion
i’m doing the magick work
the only work that mattes work

work and right now i am

in the stage of letting go
of programmed thoughtsa
nd thougths

in general and embracing
and getting to know my god self

my sole focus is knowing
god my sold fuc

focus is the understanding
knowledge and awareness of spirit

and that is all i everhave to

wonder about


this work is the god work
it helps be

me boecme

become aware of the energies
i can feel that
there is something
cut of

and i am doing the cutting of

by getting in the way
and tyring t
trying to control
so my number one

job taks

task today
is getting out of the way
and being the witnees

and building myself
up sending the

the signalof


i can do it
when i remember i just send the
yes thank you

i don’t want

i can find the feeling place
do the energy work i love that i know
the eerngy

energy wor is

is easy it’s

easy to love myself
it’s eay to


right now

and totally get out oft he wy
the way and trust the here and now
i love that i know i can

always trust every

here and now i love
that iknow everything is an indicator
i love that i get to choose to
feel in the flow and allow

life to flow through me
and just


it feels good to just
and know that

whatever ahppen


happens happens

it feels good to do the work

i am noticing he
the creative energy momre

more and the
feeling of knowing
i asked for that
i created that
and then i allowed it

and it came i feel that
feeling more andm ore and
i know that is just the


it feels good to pay attention to
the energy
and make that

my number one focus

that is all i can do is

make the energy my number one focus
make feeling good my number one focus

get in the vortex and then
just love just love just send the signal o f

and this work helps me do that

it fesl

feels good to feel good
to celebrate life
to lean into the flow and know
the flow ill
will carry me
to feel good

about life

to feel

at peace about life
it feels good to feel at peace

about life