the only work

i love that i now the only work the only work

the tad does

the tao doees nothing
and i love that i know that i get to ride the tao
that i get torel

to releae feel the release that i get to havve fun
that i get to have fun that i get to

enjoy life i love tha i g

get to enjoy life that i get to feel the t
energy of life flowing through me that

the only wor the feeling work the re
feeling of the the feeling of me and i get to to chooseit

the only work the only wou

the only source

the only god

i love that i kno i love tha ig et this time to remember
remember i love tht i

get this time to rme

remember i ilove that

i love having fun i love going with the flow
i love choosing teh feeling i love that
i dont have to cc


its the energy go
of me its never not me its never not
what i lookk for its what i create

and i c
get to dice
that’s what im making that
s what im making its never not me

they are alll characters in my play

i create it
when i think about it i create i am
creating i t

i lvoe that i know is going to go ew
well i love that i knwo tits going to
its going to be like