the only work

the feeling work the feeling work
doing this work because it’s the only work to do

to feel as if it already is to
be aware of the narrative to

feel good to choose how i want to feel to
be okay with just enjoying the moment to toally

totally release to the oment and
just enjoy to just enjoy to just


the feeling of god

the presence of god in everything
the presence of god in everything and the only work is to
feel that feeling feel that feeling
and know this is all of life

i’m feeling the feeling i’m doing the work
of feeling how i want to feel and that’s all i can

can do i love that i know everything is going my way
i love that life loves me i love that i
get to feel good about that

i know i know the only work i know the only wokr
and it’s

remembering a feeling it’s remembering a feeling
and then just always going back to that feeling

just always operating at that feeling now matter what
and if i notice myself not in that feeling, going back to the feeling

that’s all there is that is the only work
and that is all i can ever do is feel for the feeling

i know this
i know this is the only work the god switch and feeling the
focus grow feeling more and more attuend
feeling more and more attuned to the god self

within not allowing thoughts of

self judgement

keeping my mind and thoughts off this world and focusing fully on the consciousness within

allowing me to fully immerse myself in the magick of this here and now