the power of me

the power of the feeling is all there is
its only eve wat i elieve its only ever what i believe its only
eer what i believe its how i see myself its how i see m
myself tha’ts all it ever is and i nkow t
his it
its how i feel here an ndo now is ll there matter
hmatters how i feel nh
how do

hoaw do i want to feel?
and that’s how i creat

i know its me i know tis only
ever e
its the feeling of me its thef ocus
the focu its the focus on
the godse lf
self its the one anodn ly onpower of me

its the one and only power of me and i ge to choose
ti i get to choose to allow the feeling to flow through me
i get to fele th
the power of me the feeling of me the knowing of me

the focus on the feeling
how i would prefer to feel how i fr
prefer to feel

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