the vortex is always right here for the taking

and why would i choose a life
outside the vortex when i can

choose one inside

inside my vortex of
creation inside the

bubble of

that surrounds you when
you know when you KNOW

how life works you know

how life works that it’s all
just energy

interacting with itself

the bigger picture the zoom out
zoom out and don’t worry about what’s woing

goint to

go happen

don’t micromanage

release the need to control
and allow life

to take the wheel and i am allowing
that i admit that i can choose



thik how i feel and i can alwayst ru

transmute there

the energy i ca

an i can always feel calmly blissful


feels good to tune the energy

tune into the vibration of me and that
is what he means by fully

expressing myself it means

tuning ito th

into the vibration of me

feeling for who i am feeling
for my reality feeling what tings

things feel like and practicing
how i want to feel about something

bringing light to how i feel
about things and realizing of course

life is reflecting that
because that is what i am looking for it

it feels good to be aware of what my
expectations are

it feels good to feel good

to let hat go to allow
myself to love it feels good to allow
myself to love my life ia

i am allowed to love my life
i am allowed to love myself i am allowed
to be my best self iam

allowed to
tune myself to joy to the joy
of life i am allowed to tune
myself to the joy of

to allow the joy life

of life to flow through
me to believe in the
the joy of life to know that life is
good it feels good to celerate

celebrate life again to look
for tings to
things to go my way to celebrate that they are to
know i never

have to change a thing and celebrate knowing that
i’ve let that go

i’ve let that go and i am a


allowing life to flow through


it feels good to remember that
this is the only work

to feel it
to look at life with the soul

is to understand

to understand the unfolding of tings

of things and how they always

come in perfect time
the understanding that the circumstances
and people don’t matter
the situation

doesn’t matterw

zooming out means realizing that it iwll never matter

what happens

it feels good to remember
it will never


what happens

and today is the day

i stand up for myself

i allow i decide
i’m not going to live like that any more

fed up and i’m looking for improvement