the work always works and that’s in every aspect of life

i know that life can only
reflect the energy i am

exuding in this moment
i kow this for a fact
and the contrast helps me focus
i can always

relax into this moment
i know that thwen
when i woek
woke up i was thinking so me

negative thoughts but its
easy to just let those negative thoughts go

and look for what i want to see to
feel the feeling oflife flowing
through me

feel the feeling of life
flowing through me i love that i can feel it
ad i love that eveyrthing is
working out

i can keep
the fatih

keep the feeling and just
keep saying thank you keep saying thank you
and decide which version i prefer

decide which version i prefer

i can choose to feel good i can choose
to celebrate life inthis
here andnow i can
choose life in this here and now

i choose life i nthis

this here andn ow and i know
i know that life is flowing
always flowing throughme and

and i know thatl ife
merely an outpicturing
of me