the work is in where i place my attention and focus

i can feel that in the morning
before i fully wake up
i feel at peace i feel
that i can breathe

and i feel this before any thoughts
enter my mind and i can feel that
when i start to wake up
i start to feel that i can’t breathe

so i count
and that helps me breathe and feel relaxed and then
i fall back asleep and repeat

and that could explain why i would have
a hard time waking up because i want to feel that
peace of when i am asleep

and i know this is a clue and ik now
it’s up to me what i do with it

i know that
peace is power and peace is what brings
about everything

nothing brings about
everything and today my goal
is to bring that peace of when
i first wake up

to my waking life

to wake up in the dream and remember i
don’thave to care i don’t have to worry i can just
choose to send the signal of

it feels good to do this work
and pay attention to where i place my focus

it feels good to focus
and feel at ease it feels good to
bei nco
in control of how i feel and the thoughts
i attrat i

it feels good to do the work
to stand up for myself and how i feel to
stand up against my thoughts

to not be a victim of my thoughts
and know for a fact

through life experience

that i can decide to experience something different
and i do this work to feel that to knw that
i am the one and only craetor o

creator of my life experience

today i intend to wake up in the dream to
feel the magick feeling of hanving j

having just worken
woken up and it’s up to me to feel that
feeling that is already there

within me today i intne dto
to feel the magick that
that is already


within me today i inten to
to do the work to renounce my humanhood to

remember who i am
and to remember that i am not a victim
to celebrate the trueness of who
i am and to love myself fully it feels like

i have the answers and today
i will celebrate them!!

missing an old life and
feeling resentful about it
having to live a life
i didn’t choose for myself
because of someone else’s weakness
and i have

to suffer?

because of it i’m trapped in
alife a
i didn’t choose because of someone else’s
shit because someone else can’t
control themselves
so i have to live a life
that i didn’t even choose
and i’m supposed to
just sit by and accept it

and i can feel that i can feel better
i’m able to feel better but i don’t want to because
i want you to suffer too

because i’m suffereing an

suffering and you should suffer too
because it’s your fault

i’m suffering

but really it’s my own fault
but i don’t want to decide to feel
better because then it means its ok

that i’m being forced to live

your life.

and i’m supposed to just accept that
and be happy about the fact that yo uhave
issues that aren’t mine but i have to take
them on and that sucks

it sucks feeling like you are forced t live
to live a certain way that you didn’t choose

it sucks to feel trapped in
the life you are in