the wrok always works and i get to choose how i feel the

i can always come back to center
and releax the rest i can always relae

release all of it let all of it go dna d
and just feel how i want to feel ic an co
always come to center i can
alays comes to
to ccenter
center i can always
alays comew to cet


i don thave to care i can choose
to do me to feel how iw ant to feel and
i dont hve to care obut the
reast i can do me and choose

not to care about the rest i get to whoose to
to do me and i do
dont have to cane
rei can let the reast go and feel good a

and just feel the god feeling i cna jsut feel the
god feelig nd al
release the reast i get to feel good i get to feel good i get to feel good i
get to feel good i get o feel

feel good i get o feel good

i get ot feel good i get to let ig go froever
forever forever
and forever