there’s only one power

and its the here and now there’s only one moment and its
this one theres only one moemt and and its this one
and all ic an do is say yes t e

to every moment as ti ccomes knwoing
that tis in my favor
all i can do is say yes to every moemnt
as it comes
knowing that is o
in my favor all ic an do is choose the one aond lo
only focus theonly
the only truth just keep tot he only truth
and life has to respone

life has to respon

my heart i singing the work is flowing
the love is flowing the

timing is always right love
is always right focus
is alwys right focu
on love that what
hi need ot to do and allow the rest to unfold
in perfect timeing

to feel grateful
find a way find a way and it works
find a way and it sowekr

works i know the only focus
and i nwo the works

words flow when i m
focused in th flow i lov that
i get ot

choose love today i get to
choose the flow today i get to be aware today
i get to

feel god today i get to feel
the divie present
i sm

i am
is the sorucce and substance of all my good
i love that i get ot
refuse to think
about the future and just enjoy there here and now

i get to refuse to think about the
fugreu and enjoy the infine now
the infinite now i love that i a

am perfect in this here and now

theres only one flow
and its of well being theres only one love
tis god
its gods there sonly one flow
lvoe and tis gods i na
and i love that if eel it i love that
i ge tot feel
ti i love

the i ge tot choose the focus
wtihn the one aodn ly source i knw my sorucce
i knwo i know how to craete the
version i prefer i love tat i get to
that life hleps me that i ge tto choose to
feel b


i know god i nkow the flow of well beign
i know the god feelingi knwok the
feeling of god here and now
i know the feeling of denying
every thought and just existing
i know the power of i

i know the power of it i knwot he pwoer of it i know the power of it i nwo the
power of it i nkow the pwoer of it i now

the powre of the feeling i knowt he powe of insisitng
of telling lifeh ow it

i tel hlife how it is
i i tell life how it s

thres only onfe focus
only one feeling