this is the only work i can do

to come back to center
and the more i focus on what i know
the better i feel the
less i feel wrapped up in a
fake vibration that i created

and i know this i know that it’s all
fake and made up and i love that i get to choose
not to care i love that i get to take this
day and enjoy it for me that i
can always come back to cneter

center and remember who i am
remember that everything is just for fun
i g

don’t take

i love that there’s actually some
contrast in my life
to help me focus i love that
i have a reason to focus to

practice to remember my power
to reveal thyself i love that i can let go
of caring and turn my attention

my point of attraction and i can always massage my vibration

my worry comes from
needing approval and thinking
if they don’t like me then
i won’t ha e t
have this job anymore
and i won’t be a good enough person

the better it gets and i can’
allow myself to feel it because
i’m worried about if someone else
sees me as valuable?!?!?!

and that is my contrast that i’ve
gotten myself so wrapped up in that
i can’t even enjoy my life?!?!?