to enjoy the power of me

to know it and get ot keep choosing it
to keep choosing the feeling i want to feek
to keep it up and get
it gets easier i know theeasi
it gets to feel the proximity to god and i knw this i now
this is the only


one and only truth

what do i know i now tha its whta i
expect i now tis what i think about and i need to
be very careful wit the way i k

i think the only wor its to pay attention to what i believe
and choose the beliefs i want

enjoying the poweer of me
enjoying the power of the focus
enjoying the power of the focus

of what i know of god of the god self of
the god self of the god self
im god i nkow the god sle fand i now im
god i now the feeling
of knowing im god i nkow the one aodn nly
and im living by it now

i live by iit now i dn
dont need practce
jus fe
flip the switchnow

knowing that life loves me
saying yes to life enjoy i

enjoying life

the answer is in the silence
the feeling is in the silne i move the
energy up into the silnece
i move the eneryg
up into the silen
ci knwo this i know

the poer of me the feeling ofm
of yest he feeling of

yes the feeling of knowing the feeling of
god so grateufl to have th feeling
of god to feel to feel good

to say yes to the miraclees in every moemnt
to love life here and now