today i refuse to suffer

i refuse to beat myself up for imperfection
today i love myself i accept myself
and i dont ccreate problems i

i kow tis easy to have a good day i knwo is esay to feel good i know

ies its easy to fall into my own source i know my surce
i knwo he osurce
sourcceo fme i nkow the osurce

of all my good this substacne is the source of all my good
i get to feel love i get to choose love i get to choose

confidence in god i get t let the rest go i get to choos to feel
how god feels

i know thre’s only one god and its me
i know

there’s only one god and is me i m ain
chanrge of how if eel iam
in charge of the version i prefer i am
in charge of the vversion

i prefer i kow is uto t
to me to find god to find the god self

i sm
totallyconfidne t
in letting go and letting god
appears as the abundnce

all sufficiency in my life and affaris

i love that ive let that go i lve that
i have god now and i dont ned anything else i choose god i love

shoeo the
choose the love of god flowing thorugh me

i choose the love of god f
flowing through i ge tto chose it i ch
get to choose it i get to know it i

i get to know ti i et to choose it

i know the this is its responsibilty no mine
i nothis i knwo that the more

the pweor fo em is to choose the version i prefer

project my attention outside myself

i choose i choose teh god self i choose the poweer of me
i know its reight here forever expressing its true nature of

abundnce i choose the

i’m beating myself up for one tiny thing
like i always do i fid the one

small thing but dot
today i refuse today i reufse
todayi choose
of the source

todayi choos teh
the god feelign today i

i love that i dont have to care
ad i really dont i love when id on t
care i love we

when i dont care i love feeling the certainty of
god i love that id ont have to care i love

that i get to chose to feel godo to feel good

today i can refuse to suffer today i choose
how i wnt to fel i chose how iw atn to feel
tis not even like that its not
even like that

i can deny the sense i choose to
today irsue

refuse to duffer
suffertoday to i do the work to feel good
today i fein

find the secret th

i kknwo its me i nwo i am god i knkow that i am

chooseing it i am always choosing it
i n

am always choosing it
i cn always choose the god self i knwo that is
my supply

person place or condition is my supply
my awareness
understanding and
knwoledge of the all providing activity
of the divine mind within me is my supply

my consciousness of this truth is unlmited therefore
my supply is unlimtied

i knwo ths i nkwo this today
i align with is

it anf

and forget the rest what am i afraid of
she doesn’t love me any more


im afraid that i cna’t be normal that is my
real problem that i dont kknow how to be normal
that i dont h
knkow how to act normal that im strting to

to slip that im lookign to
her to be my god self to be mysupply

todayi know i can be normla today
todayi nkow i can be i can me
be me i

refuse to let it refuse to allwo
satuan into my life i nwo that i can
just relesae
just e just

e and allow the rest to unfold
all ic an

do is be

ai m is
all there is i know that all

i am is all there is andd if i acan just relax in iam

the divine consciousenss that ia m
is forever expressing its true nature of abundance
i nkwo this i no ths i know t

i nkow this i nwo this its up to me
what i focus on its up to me
what i
focus on

its up to me what i focus on i knwo that nothing

can evertake away from gods perfection in me
i can always choose i can

alays choose
cia n

only i choose how i feel only

the divine consciousness that i am
is forever expressing its true natuer of abundnace

i am god i know that i am god i
i know that ia m god i know that

so graetful i get to have fun today
that i get ot have fun with my wif e that i get ot
allow god that i get to feel

from what i want to feel i now that all i can
ever do is ffel

feel for ho iw ant to feel and ten it is
i lovee that i now i love that

i can always terat

iterate i can love myself
and accept myself and not need anything to change
i can clo

love myself how i am
i can always turn the boat do

so esaily i can ffee

feel how god feels i feel about myself how god feels about me

i now that tnot

nothign telse is my soruce

i know that we’re goign to have a good fun da i know that
god loves m ei love

i knwo that god is me i know that i get to choose
i love that it alreayd is i love that its

beter than

bettert than
ever i love that i can come back from it now
i love

that i can come back grom

from it now
i know that my validation
is never outside of me its always
in good i knw that

nothing outisde of me matter si now that i can
be indff4

indifferent i know that i can
leave the

misery of the mind