has me questioning a lot of things
questioning the work

resisting the work because i feel
like maybe i am more free when i’m not
doing the work when i’m not

constantly seeking
causing myself stress thinking
i have to try hard

to feel good and what about the things
we allow ourselves to only do on
vaction and

then you go back to worrying about them
again but why

but deep down i know the work matters
and it is importantand the

the sooner i get back to it the
sooner i will remember that because its

nice to get perspective but

you wouldn’t want to never work out
because maybe it feels good to take a break

from going tot he

the gym but it’s not a lifestyle
and it is possible to feel fine for a f

few days without working out
but in the long term

exercise is a really easy way to keep feeling good
and so is doing this work

i know this so i do the work
and the work isn’t hard

it’s easy it’s easier than now doing
not doing the work it’s a hell of a lot easier

and it feels good to let go of the rest
and do the work

in this herea dn nw


here and now

hi god it feels good to talk to you again
to convene with you again

to feel now
closer to you than ever it feels good to be
to feel closer than ever to god it feels good to feel
closer than ever to god to say thank sgo

thanks god it feels good to say thanks god it feels good to say thanks god to

to connect in the the here and now to remembe the truth about what i know

i this this here and now it feels good to let the

rest go

for my health to reconvenc

with god and say thank you for it all to know it’s

a reflection of a an old vibration i know it’s a reflection of an old vibration and it
feels good to decide to make the choice to

turn my focus to a new version

a different
version i know that
it’s my power

what i pay attention
to the cre

version i choose to see it’s
my there’s no
rush ther’s

there’s no palce
place to be there’s no

place to arrive something
to obtain i know it’s me trusting
life me allowing me to live my best life to l

to love my life

allowing myself to always be on vacation mode
allowing myself to always get the most out of life
and allow myself to do
exactly what i desire

to allow myself what i want
and not think or care about it
it feels good to allow myself what i want
to be aware of what i want

it feels good to let go
to feel free to know

it’s only ever me to know that

i don’t want to be healed
and i know that is true
even though i don’t know why

but i kind of know


i’m putting osme
something in my own way

i know that i

i’m not afraid i’m not
to be my best self

ia am brave
enough to allow my best self
my best life ia m

i am brave enough to allow it
i am brave enough
to allow it

to focus on coms
something else to turn my attention
to somethin

else and so grateful to
for the the
for the


i’m here i’m connected

with my my god self i now
i know that i
am god i know
that ia m god i

it’s easy to just decide to
apy at

pay attention so somehting
else to allow every day to feel like
a vacation
and know that i don’ t

have to follow the patterns of thought
allow them to control me
i know that i have a choice
that i can lift up my mind and heart
that i can find

a new focus
i believe in myself that
i can find a new focus and i know it’s tah
that eays i know that i kn
can allow i can
i can allow i can

i know nothing matters
and that is my

new and only faocus
focus is remembering

that nothing
is worth
about worth

being disturbed about

and i’m only here to observe
and i can choose to observe

something new i ca
i can choose to give up

i give up
i give p car

up caring about that

caring hasn’t gotten me
anywhere so i give p

i just don’t have to energy to care any more

it is
what it is and i gi
i give up

i give up caring i
choose to follow my own bliss and that’s
ll ic an

i can ever do i that’s all