wake up knowing the truth

take the truth to bed and
wake up knowing it and i know that’s the
most important thing i can do
in every daytake the k

take the knowledge with me
remember the knowledge and take it with me so
i can wake up remembering it
remembering the focus

remembering the truth
i can wake up feeling elevated and

instead of weighed down my the unknown
i can wake up feeling good feeling the flow

but when what do i do
to d
do i do when i feel like i dont
have the knowledge

dont know the knowledge
allow it to enter

remember the truth renounce your humanhood and remember the
truth remembe that
that life can only reflect you so make the choice

to leap into life it feels good to do the work
to feel for the feeling to release the feeling of not
enough to release the feeling of struggle
of struggling to get by

of not knowing
release the feeling of not knowing

and embrace knowing
celebrate knowing