what is even the point

what’s the point of trying its so
fucking tired why even try when
the most superficial twat i know is already doing it
stealing peoples ideas having no artistic integrity
and making miill

millions so why even try what is even the point
of trying to help people who fucking cares about hem

who cares about moeny

who fucking cares

mad at myself for even thinking
we could ever


that we could ever succeed in a pointless fucked up
world where everyone is exploited and all people
care about is lies

and ideas that were stolen from others
i’m just so mad at the world and i don’t
even want to try

i’m so mad that someone else is doing
so easily what we’ve been struggling


for over ten years trying to get this
thing off the ground

and it’s never going to take off

and it’s pointless to even keep trying
it’s pointless to try to do anything

i’m tired of scraping by
holding out hope that people will someday
understand and appreicate our work
and trying and tryain and trying

i’m tired
of trying what is even the point

get an order and make maybe $20 off of it