when you least expect it

i love how easy it is
to let it go to be aware of the
vibration and then change it

when i do this work it helps me
become aware of the vibrations that
are causing manifestations and
it feels good to

address the vibrations

to remember that life
is nothing but a reflection
of a signal and i get to choose the

i get to feel the connection
with source in this here and now
and the more

i practice feeling
the easier it is to
feel connected

in this here and now
i feel totally connected
with sprit and what that means
is that

i am fully trusting and knowing
the power of the universe
i fully trust and know the
power of the universe

that is what true connection is

no doubt in my mind
that i am enough

exactly how i am

i love that i can let it all go
the stress anxiety wondering

what ifs

the future

i can let it all go and allow god to flow through
me i can allow myself to feel the perfection of life
in this here and now

to know that god is perfect how it is

i know that god is life and life is god
and its all perfect exactly how it is and i know
turning my attention toward

god energy

creates god like happenings in mylife and i know that
life just reflects the siganl i send

and i know that with practice i
get better and better at becoming aware of
my worry thougths

and transmuting them i can

transmute my worry thoughts and that’s
the power of me the power of me to

look for what i awnt to

to see i love celebrateing the power of me i love
the better it gets i lovet hat i know

its just way i pay attention to i love
that our shit

is blowing up

i love the feeling of letting it
all god i l

all go i love the feeling
of release i love the
feeling of trusting the

flow to bring it to me i love
the better it ges i lo

gets i love that i get to love