my power is in my not caring my power is in my leetin

letting go my powe is in my not
caring my poweer is in my not caring

my power is
not in the mind the mind supplies the m

i know my powe i now my source
and is esy to retur to my source
to c

remember i get to choose how i fele
that it nwill never be my souce or my suply
that it will never ben my

my sourcce or my supply
that id ont have to care that only the searpate self cares only
the c

spearaet self cares my power isn my not caring
my power is in m not caring

i kow tehp oweer of me i know the
god feeling i know i am h godse
self i get to just be the god self

its me im teh source of the feeling
im teh srouce of everything
i know this i nkow this

im teh srouce of the feeling i know this
i kno i can do it
i can get past it i have

i can make the choice to enjoy life instead
to go
not go in mthe mind and make misery

i feel good i feel good thank you god i feel good
i know

the way i n prefer to feel the version ip refer
to create ad i know its all

alawys me its alawys me