i know the power of me

i know the power of me i nkow im the one creating it i know im the
one creating it i know its me i nkow i get to mek

make the choice i now i get to make the choice
i know i get to make

the choice i know i get to make the choice

i know i i knwo

i dont watn to care i dont have to care
im better off not care ing

caring im better off not caring

i know the power of me it
if shew ants to be up her ass thats here problem

i love hat id ot havet o cae
adn i cal calways

let it flow back to its source
and be i nt ehs ource and then im in the source and then im in god
its a way to juse the magic

what do i prefer

her to te


be careful whta you ask
be happy to be happy

to ln
not care waht
hhwat ip refer is to not care what

i prefer ti
is tonot care

i can let it flow backt ot he sorucce
tis me ak

make makingt he choicet o
to fu

to suffer itsme makeing the choicet o fu
suffer or nto to havve fun or not to love not not
to make some

something out of nothing or not

its me its m its always me

i want my poweer i want to m my
poweer what i i prefer is my poweer what i prefer is my power

what i prefer is my power

what i prefer is my power
i f

prefer the feelin of the pre

i prefer the feeling of being i contrl
of how i feel of being the one

on charge of how i feel
of being able to say not


im not going to let something
get to me im
not going to let that get to me


is not my soruce
that is not the source of life that is not the srouce of life

i know my source of joy and it never leaves
em and that thing outside of me isn’t it no

so i never havet o wonder

i love that i nkow that that i
taht i get to choose nto to
to care that i cae

get to choose not to tfeel that way that its up to me
that i i get to chohseo mys

my power and i never have to let anything
take it away

i love that i m taking my power back
i love that im awre i love

that i get to enjoy the day
i love that i dont havve to be reactive
that i can be the thing
the readciotn

and the is that is the real poweer i knwo
i am the thing b

behingd the

behind the reaction i knwo there is a better palece
to live i knwo hat not o

noone of it is my sourcce
i knwo that is not my soruce
and i can

always come back to the

my source and my supply
my infinite source and supply
is here an ow

now and i choose it i choose by
refuseing every thought
by not ccreaitng
problem s

by not creating problems

i knwo i can do it i knwo i can find my powe
again i know the power of me is her ei knwo teh power

the real source of my power is right here and now and i know
how to sink into it i

i kno wt hatis

it doesn’t matter and it nevver

will i love that it doesnt matter
i knwo that i can always o
do thw ork to come bck to g

to god to f

the feelign of gn
god and the mre

more i can do to not leave that feelign
the better the more i can be aware aand not
leave that feelig t
he more i can ve

be aware and not th
leave that feelign the easer

it is to get back i know tis all practicce and the feeling
has its own momentun

i mk

knwo tat the the feeling has tis n

own momentum i know is up
to me to lookf or something or nto


divide and analyze or not tod

i knwo is mu

up to me i knwo that my power is not
creating problems i knwo that i
teh only

real pwoer i knwo that is the only real pawoer
and not

allowing myself to care and that
is only real soliu

i know that is the soluitn i knwo that is
the solution gi i nk

i know tis here its never them its me

if your bothered b
you’re botherable becauase you

think youre and i!!!

i love that i dont have to care
that i get to lae

let it flow from
me that powre is not caring becaue

the resolution of that
is not my soruce

none of it is real noton

none of it is real non

of it matters
all that matters is enjoying lfe and having fun
all that mates is

is feelin good and having fun
and letting the rest go

sliding into the source

is the source god is the sorucce
the feeling of love is the
the soruce no

thes not

no reaosn tot feel anything else
to put my power sout

outside of me
the source id not

is never outside of me im
never separate from it

always refelting me life and only
reflectin me

life cna onlly refelct me
i can only be the feeling now

that i can prefer i can only

choose what i prefer i now this

thi sis the one and ony c

thruth i can only t
choose what i prefer thatsa

waht creats life and i love
that contraset
that helps me focus and remembe ri love that
poer of me and i loe praciting
i loe that i get ti