change in perspective

when i got away from the worry thoughts i had been

my whole life changed
i was able to make room for what i want
instead of repeatedly create what i didn’t

i’m so grateful for the time and space
the time and space to create

to allow the version i prefer to come in
and it wasn’t from trying or forcing it was from

just getting out of the way
and making room for the other to come in

taking a break for a couple day sand
and thinking about something else
and that’s all i had to do

think about something else

i know that i don’t have to try
or forcce anything and that life
is always always allways

working out in my favor

so gratefl for huge whole sale orders
so grateful when people write back after i let go
and remembering that i never have to hold on
to anything i don’t have to hold on

to a belief a thought

i can always let it all go i can always let it all go
and just decide to have a good day

i can

and then he hit he me up for that thing
i had been wanting

it came

when i got out of the way
and iw asn’t
i want’ a match to it earlier in the

the seek b

week because i was pushing it away

and even when it comes i
push it away

but ki

i can alwys change
how i feel in an instant
and right now i can choose
to feel grateful

i transmute my
resistance insto gr

into gratitidue
i love
i love that i can choose to feel good now
i love that i can

choose to feel good now
i love that i can choose
to feel gratitude

instead of resistance
i choose to feel good instead of resist

i got away from my worry thoughts for
long weno

enough that iw as able to feel good naurally
nad then
and then

ALL the manifestations
i had been wanting
really bad


in the course of like 24 hours

and all it took was thinking about something

i am so grateful i am in the right state of mind
i am in a grat

gratitude state of mind
i can feel my state of mind
and i can choose tr

gratitdue and
gratitude and it’s just tha eay


so grateful for the perspective on my ghouth
thoughts om

my perspecitve
on the version i am creating

and i can keep it up!!

i can keep the focus where it feels good and knkow
that’s all i can do and that life

never comes from force
it is always coalescing

bu i can
i can get in the way

refusing it by reisstn

resisting it
by believing in a reality wher eit

it sin’t t

isn’t there

i love making over 1000 in one day!!!

i love feeling good i love feeling
at ease i love feeling happy
and loved and loving i love

getting along i liove getting along

i love feeling good and that is why
the mantras work if you work thme b

becaus you

i’m focusing on something else

and i can do that here
at home
in my patterns i can

seek new patterns i can allow new patterns i can
form new patterns where i wake up feeling good every day

where i focus on feeling good and let the

just happen knowing that
i never have to

wonder or worry

just enjoy right now

i know i know i know i know that it’s
only ever me it’s only
ever my thoughts
i love that i now t

i love that i know i love that i know this
that i never have to ‘try’

or force


just STOP

just STOP

stop thinking abou that
for a few days
just take a break from thinking abot that

that for a few days
and it all comes

just thinking about something
and it will come becuse
you won’t be resisting it

i love that i know this i love
that it’s easy to feel good it’s
easy to feel the
feeling i want to feel

to not allow anything
to allow my st

me to stray from feeling good and knowing
that i never have to


to have a good day

just have one
and don’t worry about the rest

like what you’re supposed to be doing
or thinkg you



i love that i get to feel good now
that i get to have a good day

that everything workd oue

worked out better than execte


that i got to feel the feeling i wanted
to feel and didn’t have to

or force

never had to force
forcing made it worse
and then

after i tidd

didn’t think about it for a few days

i didnt care anymore

give yourself a break from thinking about that

and you’ll relaize



realize you don’t care
as much as you thought toy

you did

today i ‘m let

letting fun take the whell

i letting fun guide me
i’m having a fun day!!

for me!!

for fun!!

i’m making the choice to enjoythe day
to enjoy my life i enjoy life m

i love my life!!
i love

how far i’ve come i love that i’m happy to pya the

pay the price

paint the prie

happy to enjoy the dasy
working on my house!!

so grateful everything worked out for the best
like it always does!!

and i can always trust and know that

i love that i know


for a fact that source energy is
on my side and i never have to wonder

if it is or if i should be forcing something

just say
and thank you
and be nice
and life

will follow


life always follows