choose and then turn away from the senses

choose and be aware choose
and then be aware its that easy come here to do the work

choose and then turn away fom the
world of sense and that is my ponl
only power making the choice of the i am

that ccreates life and i nkow i am

god the one and only creator i know htat
the focus of my life

is awareness

that is my primary job

only job

is awareness
turn it on itself turn

i dont need anything to feel good i
dont need outside validation
and when i turn awarenss on itself
i feel that feeling of releae of knowing of


release of total fulfillemt
the a

awareness of awareness
is the feeling of total fulfillment

i knwo this i know this is my only focus
and my only job i now i
i know it sh
its the mmind that makes miserty and i do

i never have to get sucked into i know its up
to me wher ei am f

i focus what
i allow

the version i create

only i cancreate it
onlly i can create the version i prefer

only i can create it
i love that i get to
that i get to feel how i prefer to fele

i prefer to feel good to celebrateing
i get to feel the feeling of celebrating