every morning when i wake up

i feel lke something is missing
and i tihnk about twhats missing
and how sad i am its gone i thin about how its gone
but its not reall gone

mybe just not the same?
the same but in my mind

mybe becauuse its nevverr enough
becuase the past nd present
past and gur

future arent the present
that something is missing that what i want is missing
that i want what i want doesnt want me
and im tire

im tired of living this way its not
fun it sno

not fun to me and i have to sopt i have to sopt living like
this i have to stop its not fun its not fun

i have to choose life for me i have to forget teh est i have to choose my life
i have to choos to feel good nwo here and now
i this life this

this moment i have to choose m i have to choose me
in thismoment knowing that what is missing is god

im looking to something else to be teh god

self im looking outsoie of me to be the o
the god self