feeling bad doesn’t help

nothing helps really nothing helps
helps there’s absolutely

nothing i can do there’s nothing i can do
but just e just allow all i can do is allow ia

all i can do

is allow all i can
do is

i don’t even want to do this work
because i feel bad i feel bad

trying to feel good why should i get to feel good
why should i get to enjoy my life my blessings

my partner who i love why should i get all that

its not fair
for me to feel good when
others are suffering

but what good does my suffering do
my suffering doesn’t

make things better
my suffering doesn’t make things

it only adds to the pain
more pain doesn’t take away the pain

im’ ust
i’m just so mad

so fed up with life
like why

what is the point its pointless its dumb

i never really understood suicidal people before
like how could their life be that bad but
i now undersgtand that it’s probably

more just about being
fed up with everything
the pointlessness

the constantness
of the pain

one thing after another
like why what is the oint
we’re all going to die anyway

why not make it now
avoid all the inevitable pain
of the future
and for what

what is event h p
the point of trying to feel better

i guess becuase feeling bad sucks
and i know

it is optional
but it doesn’t feel optional
it feels


becuae i feel guilty
enjoying life
when others can’t

better not to feel at all i suppose
opt out

just sit beneath
the sea

beneath the see as i originally typed

at the lowest point
and just allow life
to flow over you
on top of you and
remain motionless

floating beneath the

but whats the point

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