feels good to feel good

to focus on how i feel to focus on
connection to focus on truth to focus
within it feels good to focus within
it feels good to focus withing it feels good
to allow

to know that when you turn toward something
to turn away from it so grateful to
come into alignment to do the only work that matters to
feel the

only flow that matters
to do the only work this is the only
work connection is the
only work

here now is the only work
are you here?

to sink into center to listn
to teh d
the seal gulls to hear them

to allow myself to do
nothing to sink inot the
the here and now and just

exist in the present moment
it feels good to just exist to let the reset go
and just exist andk now





allowing it to flow allowing the energy to
flow just doing nothing and allowing it come
to me allowing myself to feel fli

bliss in this
here and now allowing myself t

allowing to flow to flow through me

allowing myself
my vibration
to go wher life

where life takes it
to float blissfully