what can i subtract

i can allow
certain thought patterns to just
slip away

that’s why acid and shrooms
feel so
slow or like time stops
because all of the
thoughts outside the moment
there is only the moment

especially with shrooms
youre just there
staring at one spot and whatever is there
is everything

its only one thing
your whole life is one dot

what can i subtract

it’s not just one thing
it’s manythings
its a lot of things

i’m happy lining up
the particles i’m letting
i’m happy letting go

letting go releasing
finding a focus within
releasing the rest
and i know that is all there is

the center and i can release the rest it
feels good to focus and
release the rest to remember who i am

release the rest
to love where i am
to love who i am
to love always getting what i want
i know


knoiwng th
knowing that ia m a powerful fwith

thank you for this here and now

thank you

today i’m releasing today
i’m finding the space between thoughts

releasing thoughts
remembering that i don’t need them
and following the feeling
always trusting and following the
feeling and knowing that when i do

i find god
i trust and follow god and
that’s all i can do i can never try
i can never forcce

i can only open the flood gates
and allow god to come rushing through
open the flood gates and b

and to do that
i release
the thougths that
keep them closed
i open the flood gates
and to do

that i release
allw t

the thoughts that
are stucked

stacked up against them
keeping them closed
i release them and flood gates
burst open
and through them flows


so grateful for the space between
to know th space the

the space betweent o knw that my worry
thougths don’t add

to a solution
only solution thoughts

resolution thoguths
thoughts can create a solution

and i releaes te rest i enter the space

the spce between i

i only its only me
i enter the space between

i ener

the space between everything i remember
that everything is this space and i trust
everything that

is nothing.

there’s so much i can release
there’s so much i can let go

and then there’s just me
just love just god

that is life
that nothing ness
is life and

that nothingness

unites us
because we are all it
so i am
all it so i am everything
and everything is me

it feels good to resonate
to allow the rest to slip away
to be ware and
just keep seeking god

just keep saying aum