he focus

the feeling of od right now and
that’s all there is i love that life shows me i loe that
i get to see it every mine

minute i love that life shows me i love that i nwo thepowe of
the feelig i know that i feel it and its i
i know that i feel it ita
and it ise
i know that its never hno
not me i nkow that
its neer not me

so rateful to celebrae me
to celebrate how far ive come to know
i don thave to lose it

so gateful the bettet it gets that
i am aware of how if eel that i a

i actually looked for a way to feel betterand i did
and idid and i did
i know that

i kow tis always me and i am i awrae i loe tha t
i get ot be are that i get to come her and ofcus
and feel how iw atnto fele i get ocomes here and nfeel how

i wantt o feel i get to turn attetnoin on tise
itself i get to turn attetnoin on itself i know that i can do it i now that i can
do i know th epower of me and i choose it i know the pwoer of meand ichoose
it i love that im choosing it i lvo that
i get to

have a good day
i get to choose ita nd im so grateufl i
chosoe the feeling of god so
grateufl for how

ive come
becaue i feel ilek i cna
i can

do i c
i feel like i can do i c
see it when its happening and im
able to come back rfo

i kow the power of me i know thep ower of me i now thep ower of me
i nkow

so grateufl to know thepower of me
for life to teach so
graetful for life to teach that i get to do it that
i ge tto do

that i can always feel ti
it ath i cn

i know the power of me the pwoer of e
the focus and i choose it here and now i choose it
every mom

moment becauase that is who
what i am i that is the way it works
im alwys
choosign whee ht

whether im conscious of it or not i love tha ti dont have
to care that i an just go with it that
can deeply accept alll of it
that i can deeply accept

all if i love tha ti ge tto i love tha t
i get ti love
the focus

is here the feeling is here the
feeling of god is here and now
and thats’ all there

can ever be so grateful to now to remember co
to chosoe how i want to see myself to choose ho iw atn to

to live my life so gratefult o be aware to be able to make

these steps to be the person iw ant to
to so grateful to be to be th
the perosn i want to be and let

the rest go

i’m here feelign gthe
the god self here and nwo i feel the god self
i know that everything

reflects my prosicmity to god i kwo that
reflects my proximtih to go i love

that i nwot hsi that i get to feel th
it that i get to celebate me becaue i now h
how fave

far ive come and that i g tot b
build confidence in myself again
i loe that
i dont have to care

that i no long have to ruin everyones day

i loe that i choose it now

i love that i get to choos it now i
love beeing in the practice of
being aware of a

howa i feel how i fee the consciousness the
version i cerate it
its up to me to pay attentiont oh ao
how i feel andallow life
to create the

through mei lvoe tha i get t choose it i love t
he beth
the better it gts i lov ethat im
learning i love that im healing

i love hta i now im healig i love
that i know im healing

i lvoe that i get
dont havet o care i love that i bg
get to be ware i love that i know its all
me i love that there s ai

a miracle in eveyr

every moemn i love that i nwo life is a

loe is al around i lvoee that
i now god loves me and takes care of

i knkow that “i”

can get out of the way i love tha t
i now ti love that
there sno tma i love tha ti cna
just be are

just go tho
to the secret third place

i love tha i know its only eve me
its my reaction i love that
i nkow tis only evver m i love tha t
i et ot feel good

so graeufl to feel good now to feel good now
to be able to td
drp it insta

intantly to c

choose to not think about it to know tis the
thoughts that ruin everything and be so in touch
with how i prefer to feel

i love the better it ges i love hta
i get to believe in me that i get to choose a

good life for me that i get to choose
a good life for me

to c

choose a good life for me i get to choose to have agood day
i wat

was aware i chagned the past
and was in a godo mood the whole time and i nkow imt
im getting better im


allowing myself to get out of the way and
celebrate the moment

to drive life wtih the feeling