i love waking up feeling good!

i love waking up feeling that its working i love
feeling the feeling that its work ing and its does

i love resolving things easily
and quickly i love being i n love with my wif i love that
i love my wife i love ath we have a god life

so grateful for a good lucnhc
for abundanct food that comes to ma
me sogratful life always flows to me so graetufl for
everythign i have

gratful to feel the feeling of winning graeul
to allow tit ofocus on it to know i ma

im with god right now if
as long as im with god that
that’s all that matters and i love that i nkkow that
i nkow li love that i now this

this i get to feel it now that i get to know it now that i nwo tis
trut i that i now the t
that the outside o
always matce

the inside im here im here doing the this work
to remember the truth the one and ono

only truth the one and only truth

at least i work on mytyping skills everyday haha

i lvoe that is wor i know this work i now t
eh power of me i now the own
one and only poweer of
me ikm

‘here to remember it to milk it to feel godo im here to feel good
life is meant to be easy

i know

i love that its working i love that its weok
working i love
seein he
effects of

im here becaue i know th truth of life and this ork
help sme j

me hone it hleps me tune into my poewr im ehere

here to celebrate the power that i know t
is me to celebrate the way i w

the way i knwo life to be im here celebrating the way
i know life to be i now that i feel something and then it si

is and i know m
no matter ha
what i feel life reflects that i love that
tis work i love t
choosing the practic ei love the ne

the fitness of the mind i love that
i get to chosoe it i lvoe that
im no
o some neew shit fin

findidng love and ssatidsfacting in this here and now
im here wno

i love that its working i love that its working
i love that god knwos i love


returning to the focus on the feeling on how i feel in
every moment on feeling good e
in every moment in really paying attention t
o how i feel and know gt
aht is all there is

how i feel right now am

in tuen with omshri
right now
do i hve god right now
do i have god right now

is all that mett
matters do i ahve god right now
is lal the

that matters
is all that matters

i love choosing yes i love
looking for reasons to feel good ways to feel
good ways

things i prefer that i want
feelings i have access to

believ i hav access to
consciousness i have access to and i now tis all
me i now that outside o
always reflects in
i love

i know this

so graefl for plaintains
for pork
for rice
to wake up feeling good
to get

to wake up to such a beautiful wife
to work through our issues

to heal to get to heal to get thave a good
loving marriage
to get to create my art eveyr tday to get to

do what god wants me to do
every day to get out of ot
theya ns know that him

i’m always doing the exacct perfect thing
so gratefl to get to be here t
doing this wor and feelign good about life
allowing the best in life i
knowing tis an

arrow pulling back

so gratfl to remember the power of focus
to remember the power of me

today i will
i am

transformed todayi am transformed i feel the
feelign if eel the fin

feeling inside of me i know that god does everything
perfectly i knwo

i nkow the power of the focus i know that i can do i can

allwo lfie
i allow life i can get out of the way iof life
i can

feel good about life i can feel optimistic about lif

its al how if ell
look at it

i love seeing the affects i love knowing i love
getting to ccelebratel ife i love that

that i get to feel good today i get to feel good
todayi get to ds

its working today i get to say its working
today i get to allow ti
it todayi know itsm ec

creatign it i know that life is good
i nokw that li know

i know

i get to feel good and thast the
truth i get to c
feel how iw a

would want to feel and i get to choos it now
i now the power
thep wer o fme

i know the pwer of the feeling and i am
very careful with the versio i pre

create i create the version of me and i am

pay attention to what i am creating in every moment

i pay attetnion and choose and know that
when i amke the

that choice it is

i dont havet o wait aroudn
when i say that is what i am

that is what i am
and life follows i know this
and i get to live by it and its the only

thing to seek
and the only thing to know
the only wrok ever

is feelingg od

her an dnow
feeling god here and now

i feel god here and now if eel god here and now
and i now hte outside has no choice but
to fe

follow just me and god and the rest follows