i am transcending

elevating my



and zooming out
on my perception of




i am zooming out and remembering
everything is created in the mind
and i get to see life how i want to

i am

taking the big leap into enjoying life
thoroughly in every moment and i can feel with
each gesture


toward space toward

expansive expression of myself

each nod toward the part of
me that is bigger than me helps me feel more

when i am feeling contracted i can make
the choice to feel expanded

i can make the choice to let that go
and know that it isn’t even


i have a new truth now
and i am living it it feels good to
take the big leap into a new truth

it feels good to allow
to know in this here and now to know

i’ve let that go i’ve
let go of trying and know i am

knowing now i am knowing of who i am
knowing of the good in life and knowing
it is flowing

perfectly through me

i’ve let that go and i know that
it’ sjust aht

that easy

all i can do is choose it ever

it in everymoment
moment to make the choice to feel
at ease in this moment
and that is the choice i get tomake

i get to make the coice
to celebrate this

here and now

because it’s already here and i love
that life is coming easily to me today i love
that li

breath comes easily to me
and life comes easily to me
and they are one and the same and i am


i am aware of the messages the body
gives me and i am able to zoom out and see
the refletion

reflection of my vibraiton



the focus is in the herea dn no

and now and it feels good to
feel good about myself to


elevate my mind and heart
to remember who i am to be the best

version of myself it
feels good to see an old version of myself
and know it’s not me

anymore i love that i

it’s working i love that i amde the
made the choice and it’s working

i made the choicet o stand

to stand up to my thoughts and that’s
all i can ever do is


is explore

who i really am and not
the world

“the world”

tells me

expect believe it all
because it is all a reflection of me
and i know this

and this is what it means to

zoom out

to experience life to see


observe it
to kow t
to know that i am only ever
the observer and
anything that happens

doesn’t affect me

i love that i know this i love that life
is good i love that i ge tto fee
to feel calm and at peace
in this herea d

here and now i love that i
get to feel calm
and at peace in this

here adn now

and now i can

and i can always feel at peace
i know this and i know this is the

answer to my


is peace
that is all there is

is peace and mpea

peace is power

i love the better it gets i love
focusing onthe work
the work i love

that i feel good today and
when i make the choice i feel good
and i know that is

all a choice
i feel good today and i know it
s it’s

because of a choice and i am
aware of the signal and i am
aware of the power of transmutation