i can always choose

i can always jump inot th
into the event horizon and start the day
again from right here ‘m now

i know i

i’m grateful for the knowledge
for the printout

of what’s really going on

the shittythought

just below the surface

telling myself they’re

not there
but they are and its just so obvious

by the circumstances
and its my chocie w

choce where i look where i align
with what i give attention to

choose something i do believe in then

i know it’ss up to
up to me to
have shitty thougths or

it’s really up to me

look at what’s right in front
of me and realize

that the energy is there to be
transmuteed to

to be used to my advantage

don’t just talk about the shit
and not

do it take your own advice

turn the energy into what
you want take that

strong feeling

and change it into gold
take that strong feeling

and change it into gold

what do i prefer??

to feel certain to feel free to feel at
ease to feel flowing to feel happy tofeel

to enjoy the day to just
enjoy the day
and i can

that energy and putting it into the

enjoying the day into whoing

showing up for love

i’m taking that energy and turning
it into love and this is waht
what i always right

write about and this is the moment
to do it to use the fowk

work to take my own advice
and transmute the energy

take that strong feeling on one
end and turn it into thwat you

what you want which is just

my good life to enjoy my
good life withouth

worry thoughts or frear

fear thoughts and i know that i can d
choose that right now choose it right now


know that it already is take the energy put

toward worrying and put it


transmute that energy
and the it

then it is and i’s ju
it’s just aht
that easy

it just akes

takes being aware

making the time to
turn it around

and that’s what i’m
doing now

here and now i’m

it around i’m truans

transmuting it

i’m making the choice for what i want
instead because i know i am the one
and only creator and i kno w

it’s only ever me i know that
i kno wthat i know that

i know that and i can turn the

energy of worry into enevery

energy of knowing and i can
sleep well at night knowing that
life is taken care of mfor

for me becase

because i’m taking all the worry energy
and the fear energy and i’m

turning it toward god
toward knowing that
god is always

life is always actingin my favor