i can do it

i am doing it
i am doing
i am

i know this i know the feeling is right here
and part of it is it just takes a moment
to focus on it to feel it to remember it to

hold on to it long enough to remember what it feels like
to know

to remember its always there that its’s

always been there and will always be there
and grateful for the contrast that helps me
focsu on what wnat
knowing that the other side of thew av
the wave is right there

and i get to ride it

its me making it up its me
trying to make something from nothing!!

i know that now i know that now
and i’m so grateful for this work which
helps me remember that

remember that its me that its god
its just god that’s missing tha’ts
all and

god is never missing god
is right here with me always

its me

pushing god out
not leaving room for god
not thinking
in the way of god feeling in the
way og f

of god its me

resisting the truth of god.

why am insisting on
perpetuating something not true

that i know is not true
just allow the truth

just allow the lies to subside
just let them go they aren’t real

aren’t real and i know ths i know that
i canjust

just switch backt ot
to the version i prefer i love that
its that easy and i love that life
helps me do it i love that i kno

know this feeling so well know this work so
well i love that i gt to feel
good about myself

get to love msyelf

i love that i get to
allow love to flow through me
i dont have to

cut it off

i am doing it im doing it
im giving what i want to get im
cultivating confidence with compassion

im back to the real me
i’m back to the real me

the confident me
the knowing me
im g

back to the old



me and when old shit tried t

tries tocome
up its a gift because it helps you

remember who you are
how far you’ve come it helps me

remember who i really am