it’s only ever me

and i get to choose how i feel
how i feel about life how i feel about me

how i feel about right now
how i feel right now i get to decide and
i know this work always works the focus work
always works feeling good always works

making the choice

always works making the choice always works
remembering the truth always works

am i on the bus?
then make the choice to be on the bus
and its that easy i love that
i get to choose to ride the bus

take the ride i get to enjoy the ride so grateful to enjoy the ride

just get right back on and its that
easy i know this is the work
and this is my power

i dont have to spend a signle sec

second thinking about what i dont want
and its really easy to do that

that is what the work helps me remember

tis really
easy to choose how i want to feel
becausee when i do

then that is the version i get to live
and its just that
that easy to turn the boat turn the boat

toward enthrusi


on the bus entusiasm
and i loe that it sju

its just that easy to turnt he

the boat
to turn the bus and i know that

turning the boat is

turning the boat is my
only work i know this and i know that
its esay i know that its easy

just go back to feeling how you want to feel

looking forw hat you want to see.