i can do it

i can feel the feeling of life and it’s not dependent on anything
i love that i get to feel it now i love that i kee

get to keep up the good work get to feel good no matter what

i never havet oc om

to compare
just accept everything that is

yes i am doing my writing now
yes i wnet on socials yes i got heated lol

yes i wasted precious reading time
yes im pressing myself about finishiing this book for no reasno

yes i’m looking ourside of me
yes i’m comparing yes im formaing
strong opinions

yes im letting it go yes im doing this work
yes i am ware

aware of how i feela nd the role i play in that
ye si am proud of myself

or am i???

for once again not instigating lol

yes i feel good now yes i feel good now yes i love this day
yes i love this day

yes i accept this day i accept everything that is
m here now i’m here now i feel good i feel good

i feel the flow i

yes i am here now i

yes i accept

everything that is i accept me i say yes
to me i say yes to me i say yes to me

i can do it i can

i can look at how i feel i can look at how i feel

i feel pent up because we haven’t left the house bc its so oooooooooo

god damn fucking cold

i feel crabby bcc of moon slavery

i feel good bc this is a good day
and i have so much to appreiciate

i feel good because life is good i feel good
because i finished my sweater and got to were it again


i feel good because im here now taking
care os myself of myself and how i feel
i feel good because i have so much!!!

to be grateful for

i feel good because it’s all me i feel good
because i believe in myself in my pow

own worth and my powe

own power to experience life to bet he

the experiencer i feel good i feel good

i feel much better having been here to work it all out
to feel it all out

excrete it i tfeels good to excrete it

i’m here i’m focused in

i’m present i’m in the now i’m aware
and i’m proud of myself i’m proud of myself


i’m proud of the iterations i’m proud
of who i am i’

i’m proud of the steps of made the awarenesses
i’ve arrived at

ui’of the life i’ve made i’m so
grateful for this live

this life for this day

for this feeling that i’ll be ok
that i know that i am ok


i am ok by default i am ok
and when i’m here
i bately

barely remember feeling bad
because its just so easy to turn the boat
to turn the boat not ever that


look at the boat just look at the boat
be the boat

and look at the boat at the same time
it turns itself

it navigates itself

this i knwo this i nkow i am life
i am the life boat

navigating itself

i love feeling inspired i love feeling ok
i love

finding the wave relaxing into the wave
relaxing into love

relaxing into love remembering love at every
remembering its the anser to

answer to every question
remembering love iss the anser to every question

remembering that presence

is the anser that the only thing missig is

missig is god the only thing missing is presence
and when i return to the present i’m not hin

thinking about that thing and then i am free
the thing i dont even need to think about the thing

i’m making up false narratives about that
is my

greatest foe i suppose

the false narrative

the self imposed false narrative

i am aware of the false narrative

i am aware of the in and the out
the out that causes the in


inseperable in and out

i am here i am here looking right at it

looking right at the event horizon and w
when you look right into the light

you forget what you came for what you
were so upset about or wahtever

i guess ive been beating myself so
for what ive not been doing and i know that is a

perilous path

i know its not a healthy path an di know that
i have a choice how i feel about what i have
or have not been


i know all that i can do is be and
maybe the real reason ive been beating myself up

is being’

because i haen’t been letting myself be

let yourself be

letting myeslf be

its good. i like

i feel better i really do and its all from


excreting my feelings looking at my feelings

admiting my feelins saying eys to

yes how it is and fully



accept it

ive veen feeling that i have to make
new work to keep the subs happy

and that always hangs me up

its this arbitrary thing
that isn’t even real


i get so hung up on it so i guess the work
is finding the other side of thew ave on

excited to find it becuse i know its there

beuca si know i eee

i need to let
go of that whole notion of trying to


create for someone else
becuase i know that is not how i want to live

i have to create according to my own schedule and people
cna choose to

suppor the work or not

this work helps me do that

i am

creating new work i am creating new work

so grateufl to get o
be here

creating new work
thank you
thank you for this day
for this moment
for this moment