so grateful to have a good day
to come here and remember who ia m what i am

who ia m what i am

gratefult o dot his work the fox
the focus work gratefl todo the focus
gratefult o do thoe

to do the focus work
to emr
remember who ia m for the
tide to turn for whate

to feel the other side of the wave

i’m here and i remember the power of me



i feel good today i feel the flow flowing throughme
i fele the energy of life i’m


shoring up how i feel that i feel good that i know life
that i trut the


feeling of life i’m here i’m here wasing
easing and flowing i’m foxuse di

i’m foxu

focused in the flow i’m focused on how i feel

i’m focused on allwing life to flow through me
i am allowing life to flow through me
i allow life

i’m doing it for fun i’m here for fun
to feel good to remember life
to remember what is life to celebrate my life
to get out of the way and
celebrate my life

celebrate my life
celebrate my life

i’m hre i’m foxused

why the fuck can’t i hit the fucking c button





i’m here i’m focused
thank you tha
i’m here and i a

and i remember what i am tha i’m

i remember that i am all of it
i relea

i relax into all lof i say yes to all
of it that is my pinacle

that is my pinnacle
saying y

totally accepting everything that is
totally getting out of thew y and i knw that
is my

i love doing this work
becuase it helps me remember i am
the creator i te

it helps me remember th only ow
work is this work is accepting everything that is

getting excited when there’s reiss

becuase its a cnan

changwe to use the magick
why the fuck can’t i type

the feeling of lettingever

everything go the feeling of letting
everyting go
of radically accepting evedr

everything that is and not trying to make
soething that isn’t

not trying to force anything never trying to focu

forcee just relax into the moment
and alow

allow an say say yes and allow life
to easily
and naturally come to me

easily and effortlessly pouring forth from

my divine consciousness

i am now aware

i am now in the flow
i am now a

awre i am now in the flow

the reaid

radiation of creative energy which is continuolusy l

easily and effortlessly pouring forth fromm

my diving consciousness

the feeling of totaly letting go
the feeling of totally letting of o
of aal o

all of it of every

ever trying to control to

of ever trying to do and

that is my only work that is my only work
and i love that i know that i love oding
this work the rememberingw ork the

letting go work the

vibration work the tuning work i am
here tuning

i am here tuning the instrument
and it feels so good to runwe


i am tuned

i am painting

i am tuned i am
the creator it

the witness the one and nly
i am all of it
i am the witness and the witnessed

i am the witnessed
and the wtiness
and i’m grateul that i know
that i now thit

this that all lives are needed
bec ause that is how we nkow the difference

i trust the flow completely i trust the flow

completely i trust life
i trsut the l
the flow of lie and that
feeling of totally trusting life
is the pinacle
of cuss

success its all you need

it’s all you need

that feeling of totally letting go
and i’m so grateful i’m here t

remembering it remembering who i really
and what my real goal
in life is what my

only goal in life ais

is and that is my true art
art of allow life

allowing me to live myself
of allowing myself to be of

totally trustig the
kthe energy of hte here and now
the feeling of life
of creating for the sk

sake of creativing of eeling
feeling good for the sake of feeling godo

so grateful tod o this work
to relax


relax into life
remember what life is who i am

relax into the knowing rea

relax ino the knwoing

i’m ere

here to tune to life the fto life

life the fog to allow to l
let it go and trust this moment

i am conscious of the inner presence as my lavish

i am conscious of the constant
activity of this mind of infinite prosperity

therefore my consciousness

is filled with the light of truth

thank youi ‘m here thank you

i’m here

thank you i’m hre i’m

it i’m
everything i relax into everything

that is the only way
that is all there is that is the only way

call i can do is rela in

into all there is
i can dn
never force i anc
can never try i can allow al

i can only ec

its made up anyway!!

what am i doing here i’m


what am i doing here

remembering who the fuck i m
remembering thet ruth
remembering ia m god i

what am i doing here

yes i’m doing whatever i want
and celebrateing it

yes ive been follwoing what i want to d
and i always follow what i want to do and i know that
is the secret t life to life
and ti

is to always trust your intuition and say
eys to wheaver is happenign
yes i am doing
what i am doing now and i cdelebrate it

i celebrate our tie

i celebrate my time affluence
i celebrate my life by example

my calm by example my