i can do it

i’m here i’m here to remember the focus to remember who ia m
to remember to just feel it

just feel the feeling iw ant to feel and then life is and i nkow this
and i now hat the more i practicce it the easier it si

i love getting along i love loving i love
being the person i want to be
being the wife i would want to have

i love that i get to be the wife i would want
and i don’t have

i now i can do it and i dont have to be afraid

i can let my life long guard down

i know the truth of life and i get to celebrate it
and that is my power and my confidencce and my security
and my supply

i know that god is alawys taking care of me i now that im
creating it and life reflects it i love that i get to
keep it up oi love that i get to keep up

the good work i love that iam aware i love that ia m

aware i love that life helps me that life shows me
that ther si a
a miracle in every mine i love

i love that i nwo this i

i lvoe that i now the power of thefocus
i nkow the power of thefocus that its me
feeling that’s all it ever is that’a

thats’ a


thats’ all life is
is me

feeling thats’a ll life is is me feeling and i get to
feel what iw ant

i love feeling loved i love feeling spoiled
i love feeling taken care of i love
feeling appreciated i love feeling wnted i love feeling desired
i love hainv

having uf

fun i love destroying my reputation
i love that i know

i get to feel good i get to feel god
i get to

to feel god i get to allow god i get to put
my focus on god on the feeling
on the feeling of

putting myfocus outside
i know ths i nkow this feeling i now this truth
and im’

so grateful to be here doing this work
that i know this work that i now the

secretto life

i have
its me its e its

its me its m e

its me its never not me and i love lving
living by it i love remembering the poweer of it
i love making the time to lvoe it and knowi t

and know this is the real mother
this feeling is the real mother
and is alreayd

always right here with me
i love hat i et to feel
it feel my worth in gods eyes i get to
feel my worth in gods eyes
i get to celebrate the feeling
of me that
that’s alreayd right here with me
i ge to celebrate feeling good and making
the choice to feel good

i get
to celebrate being awarea

i get to be
to be ther eal me i get to let the rest go i get to let
go fo ther est and celebate the real me i
get to allow it i get to allow
the best of life
i get to to allow the bes to flie

of life i get to allowt he best of life
because its right ehre with me
the feeling is right ehre with me

i get to fele it not i get to feel it now
i love that i get to feel it i love that
life shows me i love that

life shows me

the feeling of me nad
and the knowin the feeling of me and the
knowing that nothign outside of me


nothing outside of me provides the feeling
i seeka nd i know that is all i need to nkow

all i

all i can ever do is focus on that feeling here
an ow knowing that feeling

here and now knowing its only ever god
its only ever the feeling of allowing

of allowing god of trsuting god of knwoign it


the feeling is always right here and i
never have to w
look for i i never have to look for anything
becausee its always right her

the feeling is alreayd right
here with me nad i nevver havet o
look for it outside of me

its here its me its me i m
the source of it im th on
the one cho

who chooses the lens im the one who chooses the
focus im the one who creates the porb

problems or nt and i now the feeling i know the
feeling of

refusing to suffer and its bliss
i love the feeling of steeping

stepping into my life i love that feelin
the feeling of trst
truusting it i love doing theiw r

this work and knowign that whean ti seek

what i see is always right
here with me what i seek is always right here

im always it
im always it
i love that i already hve it i love that
i arleady have

everything i ever wanted i love that
i already hvva

have it and i get to celebrate it
i love that its alwarye

already here i love that it already is
i love

tha it already is i love that i
the feeling is already her eand now
and im celebrating it

the feeling is here and now

its me im the creator im the creator i allow it i allow

life fl
to flwo

flow through me i feel themagic of life
and life follows i know this

so gat
grateful to be back in the b
praccticce to know me

more and more every day
and know that i
the inner works i

is all ther eis
nothing else matters
its nice

but its not IT

nad i nkow this
i know that

enquiry is all there is